Terhi Lehtomäki.

Terhi was hatched in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1986. She was a very daring kid, and loved to climb trees. Couldn´t focus at school that much. Detention became almost daily in her first two years at school, and Terhi used to run through the forests to her home to cut time.

She graduated as a hairdresser in 2007, and found a nice bird to move together with into Tampere. Over the years she has buit a home, family and just a normal life.

Terhi has a hobby to start a new hobby and to forget that she had a hobby.. But for the first time just by painting penguins Terhi has found something that keeps her inspired from year to year. One must truly fall in love to have something that really carries you through life.

Terhi believes that sillyness and creativity has nothing to do with age, gender or the lenght of one´s beak. Inside everyone there can be such amazing worlds that wants to be seen. So here we present our little world, where you are always warmly welcome.

Home as our nest

In the year of 2020 a little penguin family was born in a kitchen. Also an exitement to paint customer´s memories, feelings and happy accidents through our penguins.

Even though Terhi loves to paint penguins, she also works full time and is studying to have a business degree. Biggest dream is to a grater audience to find us, enjoy their arventures, and to be owned by the people as new fresh family of characters on illustrations.

The values of Pikku Pingviinit

Our mission is to help notice the littlest things that can later be remembered as precious memories. Our vision is to create these moments, and with our products help share the word about that the best life is now as we have it. Enjoy it and embrace it. Thank you again for having you here.
We appreciate all people and nature, everyone is included here. We hope that this is also visible in our art.


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