Wonderful penguins are here again!

Our little breath for almost a year is now happily over.

Yes, we’ve been away for a while, but noe we are ready for new adventures as even more fun and full of new ideas! We will be introducing you our new main characters; Their names and great personalities!

As an accelerator for our journey to begin again, we’ve added several brand new and fresh original pieces to our penguin store. The sales will allow us to have new things made by Finnish entreprenours.

First character is called Pyry. His debut piece was sold quickly. As Pyry is our main character from now on, you’ll meet this bird later too! Pyry is this little one with the headphones.

New postcards are being planned!

We are transforming our available postcard selection. And as a new feature you can pick your very favourite cards one-by-one to get just the ones you want!

it feels absolutely great to be active again, and to create much needed sillyness and joy to the world.

It has been so heartwarming to see how we have been missed when we were inactive. All the kind messages have supported us and we are very grateful of every one you have sent us. So from here we can continue our journey together, hopefully with no breaks later. With a nice and steady pace. Thank you for being here!


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