Retail & Lisence

Pikku Pingviinit are a registered trademark in Finland. Our goal for later is to find our friends around the world, and become known and loved also outside of Finland.


We offer our Finnish- made products to resellers, who are interested on finding things not everyone has to offer to their clients.

A lisence is offered to entreprenours, who would like to have exclusively made illustrations created for their selection of products.

When you are interested on having your own exclusive themes and creating fun products with our illustrations, contact us: info (at) . Let’s get to know eachother better and to discuss if our penguins could be just the thing for your company in the future.


With a lisence you are allowed to manufacture products with our characters to your company to sell. You can either choose from pictures allready published, or we can create new pictures for you. With a lisence you have the right to ongoing commercial relasionship with Pikku Pingviinit™. Lisence is for protecting and benefitting both our little company and the buyer of the lisence. Getting an approved lisence requires introductory negotiations followed by official negotiations where the papers will be signed.

When you are interested on a lisence on Pikku Pingviinit- products, best way to contact us is via e-mail.
info (at)