Doctor Beep

Always there to help, sometimes even achieving to actually help!

Every community should have one good doctor who quickly packs it´s sleigh and slides into action when needed. You can’t blame Dr. Beep on under-reacting, sometimes the ponderings go off the rails. Totally. Doctor Beep absolutely loves to help, it wants to help, and sometimes does it too! Sore wing, tummy ache, chilly foot, Dr Beep will find a way! Oh well, eventually! Or the Dr would like to learn that freat front flip you just performed! Pure talent, show me!

We’re doing our best to get better pictures of Dr. Beep, but it is usually super busy on finding birds in need of help.

This doctor-bird is quite easy to recognize from that round thing on it’s head. Some think it’s just a ball of ice, but Dr. thinks it is a very important breakthrough!

From the Penguin Store