For resellers

Join us as we spread our message of fun and the little nice things.

Our aim is to be more visible and find more broad audience for our creations. We have targets set that we are going to go for as we keep building our fun and reliable brand.

Our postcards and posters are printed by Ankin korttipaja Oy in Nokia, Finland. Ceramic mugs will be printed in Porvoo, Finland. We are currently designing and negotiating about new array of products being made!

And we already have made our targets and goals for the year 2025! You can join our reseller- group without any joining fees and with no commitment to order products. Later on as we grow, we will begin allowing only lisenced resellers this access. So now joining us is the most easy and open! We would love to tell you more about our plans.

You can reach us at with a title “Reseller inquiry”, so we will know to get back to you as soon as possible!

Hop into our small and growing circle!

As a reseller you will also receive:

Marketing materials

On top of your products you will receive the pictures and product descriptions to help your sales. You get to decide your prices for customers, even though we will give you an subtle suggestion of the prices.

Choose the things you really want to sell

We will create 3 resale packages, but let’s get to know eachother and our companies first. And tailor a nice package of our products just for you.

Pikku Pingviinit have been popular with both adults and kids. They fit well into stores and boutiques and online-stores and live events.

As a reseller you support our journey to new goals and help us reach bigger audiences. You will also influence us with your feedback on what kind of products and themes will be available.