The coolest birds from Finland

Transforming silly ideas into pieces of art.

Behind all this is one person, who is never-grown-up in a good way. So no AI or chatbots here, not even digital art as all our pieces are originally paintings. So, from learning as she created, even our website has been made by our very own artist Terhi. She dreams of a forever fun job with Pikku Pingviinit, and with her company to be able to build a creative work environment and a career for others too.

Our penguins are much more than just characters: they are a way of life, finding new points of views with everyday things and just being silly! You are warmly welcome into our site, let´s keep moving so our feet won´t get too cool!

Pikku Pingviinit, from a kitchen in Tampere ever since 2020.

Simple is the sweetest.

Everything doesn´t need to be so complicated. Sometimes simple humour, funny coincidenses and unpredictable little things are the most funny and best memories to last a lifetime!

By buying our products you support our journey!

Our goal as a little business is to strengthen our trademark, and to get new painting gear with the sales we make. And of course pay our photographer and create some new sweet products to our shop too!

We are more than happy to discuss options of partnering with sports teams and school classes hoping to gather funds for them, and of course fellow entreprenous who are looking for freshly themed products to get to their customers.

As payment methods we accept And Finnish bank transfers.

credit cards, Visma pay (mobile pay etc), and PayPal.

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