Clean birds, 30cm x 40 cm

40,00 $

Painted with acrylics into a 30cm x 40xm sizes 400g thick paper for acrylic paints. Just a silly theme for an artpiece, so Terhi just couldn´t resist to make them! Inspired by one time when our artist found her little one sitting in a basket full of laundry while changing sheets at home. The little silly moments are the ones that truely make us smile even after decades.

This piece is already covered with cellophane, that is why there is a slight glimmer and shadow in the picture. This item is sold without framing as it is in the picture. It is black-grey-white as all our other pieces are too. And as an added little thing you will receive our most awesomest business card, to decorate your fridge!

This piece has been protecter with a layer of vernissa.


Shipping at this moment is only for Finland, as we are taking care of minor issues with shipping to abroad. We are so sorry about this little inconvenience!

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