My own, 29,5cm x 24cm

45,00 $

Meet Pyry´s family. As you can see, there is a lot of hassle, and that´s just the way it should be! Sometimes family is the best thing in the whole world, and sometimes you just need a moment to yourself. And soon again you can enjoy the love of your dearest birds.

Happiness is sometimes having the ones nearr you who understand you, and you understand them too. And the ones who will always hold you and mess up your feathers. Just a perfect way to show their love for another.

This piece has been created into canvas board, and it will be delivered without framing. It has been coated with vernissa, wich will protect it from dust and UV-rays. Signature and the name of the piece can be found on the back.

By purchasing this item you support our small business re-launch as we’re getting back into the hearts of our audiences again. Because from this piece, we will be making new small items for sale later. So it is even more fun to own the original art piece on your own!

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