Penguin paintings 3x 40cm x 50cm

350,00 $

(Picture is purely for reference only)

3 paintings as a Pikku Pingviinit- commissioned themes. For as gifts or a cool interior piece to your house.

So you can commission all three to be combined into one bigger piece, or have made three individual themes. We will discuss the themes via e-mail, so we can give you an estimate on the time needed for them to be ready. (Usually starting from 5 weeks)

Your painting will be made into a quality canvas, and to the back a hanging from a metal wire will be placed. We will not seal or close the back with paper , so the painting can have a good air flow and breath. As a finish we use vernissa to protect the surface from dust and UV-light. Due to the whiteness of the piece we recommend to handle only with washed, clean hands!


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