Gum- themed products are now at our store!

During the morning walk, a strange box was spotted from the fresh snow at the beach. It smelled so good, and soon there were many birds opening it.

“Can we have a taste?” Asked one.
“Yeah, but just a little!” Said the other one
As a result, one has bubblegum all over it´s feathers, and the other one has gone flying. Two others are now sprinting with the box to show it to the rest of the penguin community!
Soon we will have a big herd of penguins in love with this wonderful sticky stuff!

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So as new arrivals we now have these silly and sweet bubblegum- themed posters, throw blankets and tote bags! And as a very rare treat, the original work is available too!

So dive in deep, and have good look at all the new fun stuff at our store!

Throw blankets Tote bags Posters Cm

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