Our prizes will change from 1st of January 2022!

January 1st From 1st of January of 2022 our commission art piece prizes will rise a little, starting from 100€+ shipping costs.

Prize list for commission pieces starting from 1st of January of 2022. (To all prizes shipping costs will be added according of your location):

Painting to a 33cm x41cm canvas or to a 30×40 400g Fabrianos paper 100€

Painting to a 40cm x50cm canvas 130€

Painting to a 50cm x60cm canvas 160€

Painting to a 50cm x70cm canvas 200€

Commission pieces into three (3) x 33cm x41cm canvases 270€

Commission painting into 60cm x 80cm canvas 300€

Commission paintings into three (3)x 40cm x 50cm canvases 350€

Commission painting into 80cm x 100 cm canvas 500€

Our prices will rise, because there have been made many choises and actions to be able to continue serving you the best way possible. We will happily continue working with pur penguins, for you. We are very grateful that we have found each other, and now we even have our first retailers for our products.


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