New mugs coming up!

We have found a great place from Porvoo, Finland to print our mugs from November of 2021. They will be making our ceramic mugs. That said, our print by order mugs will be leaving our store by the beginning of November 2021.

New mugs will be sized 3,3dl / 11 oz. Mugs are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. So, durable dishes for everyday use! So, a product to last for years!

Untill end of October all our leaving mugs for -15% (offer not valid anymore, sorry) Some themes will be leaving and some new arriving. Christmas themes will be coming to our store fresh from the printing place!

Finnish- printed mugs we will be ordering in small amounts, so be sure to get your favourites before we run out! New mugs will be printed in changing themes.

Terhi / Pikku Pingviinit

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